Why Choose Jingseng?

We have one of the most experienced traditional Chinese herbal practitioners in the UK, who graduated from the prestigious university of Beijing in 1982; and who has extensive experience in China and The UK

This practitioner can converse directly in both English and Chinese when giving a Free Consultation prior to any treatment.

Our clinic represents probably the most effective and experienced practise in the North East of England. The rapport and successful treatments delivered are numerous; having treated countless patients in the UK.

Many of our referrals are by word of mouth

The range of complaints and illnesses which can be treated are numerous, and a more comprehensive list is available under Conditions treated, but include Menopause, Muscular and Skeletal problems, skin disorders, sciatica, stress, depressions, anxiety and infertility.

This is only a sample list of treatments that can be treated and is course not exhaustive.

The treatment we can give can give can comprise of acupuncture and massage and Tradition Chinese Herbal remedies usually taken in the form of tea, which are individually suited to the patients needs. Such a complementary approach can be 'stand-alone', or taken in conjunction with Western medical approaches.

Member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK),
The ATCM is a main regulatory body for the practice of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine