There is no words to describe how great experience I had with this traditional Chinese medicine clinic

Even if I found words, no one would have believed it. I suffered severe anxiety together with some ulcerative colitis and digestion and liver problems. For 4 months I couldn't think due to 'brain fog' felt like zombie. To add to all of it my blood pressure started to be elevated, and started suffering headaches, and lots of other anxiety related symptoms. Long story short 10 days after first acupuncture treatment in the clinic, and 5 treatments in I feel like I'm getting my life back - literally. Ever since day one my girlfriend started to notice changes in my behaviour. Digestion improved. Anxiety rapidly disappears. I'm more aware. It is quite impressive, how quickly they could identify the problem, and start treating it. I can't recommend enough to anyone that got stuck with no solutions for their health problems. Michał Czubiński

Fertility (was given less than 2% chance of ever conceiving)

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 18 years. During this time we only managed to get pregnant twice and unfortunately both pregnancies ended in first trimester losses. After many trips to a consultant at the RVI and also the Centre for Life, It was established that contributing factors could be a slight uterine septum, possible tubal spasm and hormone imbalance. I was classed as having primary infertility, given a less than 2% chance of ever conceiving and offered IVF. Although this could help with getting the egg where it needed to be, it would in no way enhance the chances of it sticking. A friend who had fertility issues in the past and now had 3 children recommended acupuncture to me. I read very good reviews about Jing and decided to book sessions with her. In my first consultation with Jing, even just from taking my different pulses and checking my tongue etc, she was able to tell me exactly which health issues and imbalances I had, even those not relating to fertility. She started me on a weekly course of acupuncture and herbal teas and told me to wait 3 months before trying to get pregnant again as the body needs time to prepare and heal. Exactly 3 and a half months later I was pregnant again. Apart from obvious anxieties, I had an extremely easy pregnancy with no issues at all and I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 10 weeks ago. I really believe I wouldn't have gotten to this point without Jing! Lisa-Marie Butler

Unable to conceive naturally (IVF treatment had not worked)

I was not able to conceive naturally, so went for an Ivf treatment which too was not successful (3 attempts) and I ended up have a miscarriage and lost all hope. My husband insisted me to go this clinic, I literally went there with no hope. When I spoke with this doctor, I started to see some hope. She gave me some herbs to drink and gave some acupuncture treatment. I felt like she was god sent as she was confident that the treatment would be effective. Within just 3 months of the treatment I was conceived naturally, I could not believe initially as my period weren't normal anyways. She insisted me to take the test which I kept delaying to avoid disappointment for few days. I took it with zero expectation when I got positive I could not believe it. I cannot thank her enough. She is the reason that I have a beautiful daughter 2 months old. This is my success story. I am glad she is the reason behind it. I would recommend everyone who are having issues with conceiving please give this science a try (this clinic preferably) It’s definitely worth it. Deepa Harsha

Viral infection affecting the skin

I took my 5 year old daughter to Jingseng Clinic after many visits to our own GP. She had been diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum a viral infection affecting the skin causing itchy and painful blistery spots. Although it is a common childhood condition our GP told us that they don't like to treat it as treatments can be too painful for children and cause lasting scars. Our GP said the virus would eventually clear up on its own but could last for up to 18 months - a long time for a little girl to be in pain. I couldn't stand my daughter suffering so took her along to Jingseng Clinic. The doctor was very calming and reassuring with her, she has a lovely manner with children. The doctor recommended some herbal tonics and some herbal cream and within 4 weeks all of the blisters completely disappeared. I was amazed! - I just want to thank you so much. I have recommended the clinic to many other mums whose children are suffering. If any friends & family become unwell I will definitely send them to Jingseng Clinic. Having been so great with my daughter, I contacted Jingseng about my French Bulldog who had been backwards and forwards to the vet with an ongoing foot infection. We both laughed as she had never treated an animal before! She said I could try some herbs to boil to make a wash for my dogs paws. The doctor didn't know if it would help but I was willing to give it a go. A couple of weeks later and her paws have healed, she is back running around and enjoying her walks again. Lola carrying her special medicine home and Ezzie patiently waiting for hers. They both say a big Thankyou too! Lacey Reed


My husband and I are fortunate to have found the Jingseng Clinic in 2012. After 7 years of traumatic fertility problems and multiple rounds of failed IVF, we were losing hope of ever conceiving a child. Immediately upon meeting Jing, we felt as if a door had been opened to a new journey with light at the end of the tunnel. Jing has a wonderfully calming, understanding manner and helped me through our 4th and 5th IVF cycles with acupuncture and herbs. We were then given a 0% chance of conceiving naturally by specialists in western medicine. I then chose to take Jing’s advice to follow a course of Chinese herbs and acupuncture before diving in to more procedures. Three months later I fell pregnant naturally and this year we welcomed our healthy, beautiful boy Bo into the world. I don’t believe we would have him without Jing’s help and I have recommended the Jingseng Clinic to friends and family. I cannot recommend Jing highly enough! Lauren Davies

Persistent Cough

I am an elderly lady and had a persistent cough for five months, which did not respond to the usual medication. I went to see Dr Lin who prescribed a course of herbal tea and acupuncture, and the cough cleared without recourse to antibiotics or other kinds of treatment. Ann Sharp

Ulcers on the tongue

I went to see Dr Lin about some ulcers on my tongue which seem to persist for a month or so, and showed no signs of clearing up. Dr Lin prescribed appropriate Herbal medicine and a course of acupuncture. In no time at all,the ulcers cleared up. Leslie Palmer

Upper respiratory infection and Persistent cough

Recently I suffered for two or three weeks with a chest infection that persisted in the form of a cough; no doubt some form of conventional medicine might have helped this.Doctors are reluctant to give antibiotics in such cases. But I consulted Dr Lin who supplied a mixture of natural Chinese herbs to solve this problem.After several days the cough has completely cleared up, avoiding the use of antibiotics, leading me to recommend the herbs ; my infection and cough having cleared up perfectly. Tony May