My husband and I are fortunate to have found the Jingseng Clinic in 2012. After 7 years of traumatic fertility problems and multiple rounds of failed IVF, we were losing hope of ever conceiving a child. Immediately upon meeting Jing, we felt as if a door had been opened to a new journey with light at the end of the tunnel.

Jing has a wonderfully calming, understanding manner and helped me through our 4th and 5th IVF cycles with acupuncture and herbs. We were then given a 0% chance of conceiving naturally by specialists in western medicine.
I then chose to take Jing’s advice to follow a course of Chinese herbs and acupuncture before diving in to more procedures. Three months later I fell pregnant naturally and this year we welcomed our healthy, beautiful boy Bo into the world.

I don’t believe we would have him without Jing’s help and I have recommended the Jingseng Clinic to friends and family. I cannot recommend Jing highly enough!

Lauren Davies

Persistent Cough

I am an elderly lady and had a persistent cough for five months, which did not respond to the usual medication. I went to see Dr Lin who prescribed a course of herbal tea and acupuncture, and the cough cleared without recourse to antibiotics or other kinds of treatment.

Ann Sharp

Ulcers on the tongue

I went to see Dr Lin about some ulcers on my tongue which seem to persist for a month or so, and showed no signs of clearing up. Dr Lin prescribed appropriate Herbal medicine and a course of acupuncture. In no time at all,the ulcers cleared up.

Leslie Palmer

Upper respiratory infection and Persistent cough

Recently I suffered for two or three weeks with a chest infection that persisted in the form of a cough; no doubt some form of conventional medicine might have helped this.Doctors are reluctant to give antibiotics in such cases. But I consulted Dr Lin who supplied a mixture of natural Chinese herbs to solve this problem.After several days the cough has completely cleared up, avoiding the use of antibiotics, leading me to recommend the herbs ; my infection and cough having cleared up perfectly.

Tony May